In-Office Balloon Sinuplasty for Chronic Sinusitis

Balloon Sinuplasty is a minimally invasive procedure performed by Dr. Webster in our office under local anesthesia.

This breakthrough in-office treatment for chronic sinusitis, which requires minimal recovery time, has resulted in consistently positive results for many patients. Balloon sinuplasty is a welcome advance and alternative to more invasive surgeries that require general anesthesia and a longer recovery period. What’s more, most health insurance companies will cover all or part of the cost of balloon sinuplasty under most circumstances.

What is Balloon Sinuplasty?

During this procedure, a small balloon is inserted into your sinuses and is then inflated to dilate (widen) the openings of your nasal sinuses. Saline spray is then used to “flush out” the sinuses so they can be drained and cleared of any mucus, pus or discharge that is causing congestion. The purpose of this procedure is to restore proper drainage without tissue removal, bleeding or pain.

Balloon Sinuplasty Video

Steps involved:

Step 1. A balloon catheter is inserted into the inflamed sinus.

Step 2. The balloon is inflated to expand the sinus opening.

Step 3. Saline is sprayed into the inflamed sinus to flush out the pus and mucus.

Step 4. The system is removed, leaving the sinuses open.

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